Certificate Process

Support for Customers who purchase online and want to user A+ Food Industry Inspections' On-Demand Food Handler Certificate Process

1) Purchase Texas Food Handler product
2) You will get an Order Confirmation email: "A+ Food Industry:

Order #XXXXX confirmed


3) Write down your Order #XXXXX, you will use Order # as the access code to view the On-Demand training videos

4) When you are ready to view the On-Demand training videos, click on the View Training Videos link in email or here.

4) Enter your Order ID #XXXXX , if the Order ID #XXXXX is valid, access to training videos will be granted. Enter only the XXXXX do not enter with "#" sign

 5) Granted to videos, select the training video from list and watch video

6) After completing watching video you are ready to get your Texas Food Handler certificate, you may return to watch video if you need a refresher or interrupted during watching the video

7) Click on Certificate button below video


8) Fill out the Certificate Form to get your Texas Food Handler Certificate On-Demand:  Enter your Order ID #XXXX, Full Name and Email Address, the email address will be used to Email you the Certificate to Download for records


8) Print your Certificate or Download it from Email

9) Check your email to download Certificate "A+ Food Industry Certificate:  Certificate"  Note to our Business Customers if you do not get email, please verify with our team if email is blocked or request for support thank you.

10). You are done. Thank you for using our On-Demand services, if you need any assistance please contact us and we are happy to assist you.